Jungle & Lake 3d/3n

A concentrate of the best you can get from Khao Sok as jungle experiences, adventures, discoveries and sceneries!

1 night in a tree hut

We welcome you at our base camp to start this adventure by a night in a remote tree hut nearby the Sok River.
If you arrive early enough you can ask to add an activity to your package (canoing or rafting on the river, taking care of an elephant, having a local style cooking class...) or just enjoy a river bathing and relax!

1 night camping in the jungle

Then comes the jungle trek, full of descoveries, the river bath, the jungle diner cooked in minute made bamboo pots on a fire... And the comfortable night in a safe hammock with integrated mosquito net.
Depending of you and the weather we can use various trails - our favorite leads directly to the lake. But we won't walk more than 6-7 hours during the 2 days. The guide and assistant need to stop at 3 pm the latest in order to have time preparing the camp and the meal before dark; and next day you will walk in the morning only.

1 night floating on a lake

Finaly you can enjoy the incredible sceneries of the Chiew larn Lake! Wonderfull place for swimming, relaxing, canoing, sight seeing and wildlife spoting by boat!
The last day we will bring you back to the pier of the Chiew Larn Lake after lunch.


Share that adventure for 9,000 bahts/pers.
from 4 to 8 persons/adventure

Keeping it private is more costly and less ecological...
Private adventure prices:
2 persons - 14,500* bahts/pers.
3 persons - 11,000* bahts/pers.
4-5 persons - 10,000 bahts/pers.
6 persons and more - 9,000 bahts/pers.
* 2 or 3 persons willing to share their trip will get a 10% discount on the private price.

Those prices are all inclusive, considering a basic rafthouse for the third night (simple bamboo hut with matress on the floor, shared toilets and showers bulding).
The extra cost for a more comfortable accomodation on the lake (charming bungalows with en-suite bathroom and toilets) is 1,200 bahts per person.